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Based in Austin, Texas, videographer Matthew Reid captures story-driven wedding videos of elopements and intimate weddings of every size, so you can do more than rewatch your wedding ‒ you can relive it.

For you, it’s about the heirlooms. 

You’ve put work into planning the event, but truth be told, you care more about your upcoming marriage than you do about the table decor or the flavor of the cake. You’re excited to share this day with your closest friends and family, and if something unexpected happens (like the weather doesn’t hold out), you know you’ll simply dance in the rain. Until then, you’re perfecting your vows, knowing that you plan to frame these precious words and keep them forever. Because, really, it’s the heirlooms for you. 

Your wedding film, which will be passed down to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, says to them, “This is us. This is our love story.”

This is us.

What “Intimate Weddings - Of Every Size” Means

Intimate and elopement-inspired weddings are less about cake, flowers, tuxedos, centerpieces, and trendy touches. They’re more about family, commitment, marriage, legacy, love, God, and human connection. In a revolutionary step, these weddings shift their focus back onto the actual celebration of marriage ‒ and away from the often hyped-up wedding event.

If you are less worried about having a trendy and elaborate wedding, and more focused on having an intimate and emotional ceremony, surrounded by any number of your family and friends, you’re in the right place. Your wedding is the kind I love to serve. 

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Austin Intimate Wedding Videographer

I’m Matthew Reid, an elopement and intimate wedding videographer based out of Austin, trusted by couples all over Texas to create story-driven wedding videos. 

I was motivated to join the wedding world only after my wife and I struggled to find a wedding photographer/videographer who had any people of color in their portfolios. We worried that the videographers we met wouldn’t be able to craft a wedding video that accurately reflected our real personalities and story. It was an industry in need of diverse representation, and I believe change starts with me.

I'm not your typical filmmaker. You won’t find me stuck behind my camera or behind my computer talking about cameras. The thing is: I will never put videography before people, and I thrive off of human connection and getting to tell the authentic stories of every couple I get to meet. 

“Your video is the most important film I’ll ever create.”

And I mean it.  

To each couple I serve, I say,

Keeping it real.

Typically my clients are people who...

care about celebrating their marriage and commitment to one another, more than anything else.

appreciate the art of videography and want a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that serves a real purpose in their family history.

view videographers as people instead of commodities and would rather have a down-to-earth filmmaker with personality than one that simply points a camera. 

want to know they’ve spent their money well, with zero regrets, because they’ll receive a wedding video their children and grand-children will always cherish.

respect that culture, diversity, and justice are the driving forces behind everything I do and hold these values close to their heart themselves. 

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“I am so glad I found Matthew. Not only is he the friendliest person ever, but he is also extremely talented. Multiple people cried while watching our 1-minute instagram teaser video. Matthew is hard-working and thoughtful, and he made us feel special during the entire process. He openly communicates and spends time getting to know you and your preferences, which is probably why all of his videos are so intimate and special. It really is true when people say the day is a blur and goes by way too quickly. Thanks to Matthew, we were able to relive our day over and over.”

"We were able to relive our day over and over.”

– Lauren

“We cannot believe how amazing our elopement video turned out! Matthew captured the day so beautifully and showed how magical it really was! He portrayed our story so beautifully. He took the time to call us and get to know us so he could capture everything we are about on film. Since we chose to elope, we didn’t plan too much, but Matthew was there to help us plan as well! He helped us sort out all the little details of the park as well. He really made our day special and better than we ever could have imagined.”

"He portrayed our story so beautifully."

– Kennedy

“Working with Matthew was an awesome experience from start to finish. Even though he maintains a busy schedule, I still felt like we were his only clients. He was always available for calls, he checked in on us frequently via email, and he went above and beyond to help and calm our concerns. He was even able to live stream our wedding for all our remote family. Because of him, my 86 year old grandmother was able to watch me get married!” 

"my 86 year old grandmother was able to watch me get married!"

– Michelle 

Freebie? I got you, fam.

Insider Tips For Planning Your Intimate Wedding

Wanting to go intimate, but not sure where to start (or how to keep it that way?) This FREE downloadable pdf is jam-packed with my best tips from ‘behind-the-scenes.’ Inside is everything you need to know for keeping the focus on the two of you. Period. Regardless of what your Auntie says. Inside I share my exclusive tips on how to make sure your wedding stays intimate regardless of the guest count.