Don’t just rewatch your wedding day.

Austin, Texas-based Wedding Videography for Elopement-inspired and Intimate Weddings of Every Size

Relive it over and over again. 

Less Missed Moments, More Authentic Moments 

When it comes to preserving your wedding day, you want a film that will capture the moments you miss in the rush of the day ‒ the hugs, the laughs, the little looks, the teary eyes. You want to see your grandparents preserved in your film. You want to get caught up in your emotions all over again when you rewatch this special day.

Most importantly, You want a timeless film of your love story that can be passed down for generations to come.  

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The Matthew Reid Films Difference


As your day unfolds naturally, I focus on capturing what is happening instead of creating orchestrated moments. 


Your video will be true to life, in color and in substance, and not follow current trends. 


Raw human emotion rules my shots. Every time. 


Your video will emphasize only what’s important for you, share your unique story as a couple, and stay 100% true to your personality. 


By staying completely present, I am able to learn and discern your authentic wedding story, establish intrigue in the portrayal of it, and carefully pace its beginning, middle, and end.

having an emotional, family-oriented marriage celebration instead of a wedding event. 

seeking a quality film produced from creative vision.

focused on leaving a family legacy that will inspire others.

wanting a film that will never become outdated as current trends fade away. 

needing a video that truly represents your personality well, both as people and as a couple



Your wedding film should never be an afterthought, or worse, a regret. 

Wedding videography’s unique ability to tell the story of your wedding day, with all of the emotions felt, looks given, and words spoken, makes it as essential to your wedding planning process as hiring a photographer or ordering a cake. This is the singular choice you won't regret ‒ now or in 30 years ‒because it allows you to relive your wedding day forever. 

Videography of your wedding day is a gift of your legacy to be passed down to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  

Notes on Style

Timeless | Clean | Minimal

Because I intentionally serve weddings that are low-key, intimate, and personal, I have embraced that same simplicity in my filmmaking, using minimal equipment and avoiding trendy filters. What you get is a beautiful film in a timeless style that’s focused solely on the parts of the day you’ll want to remember forever. 

Your wedding video will be 'Pinterest-worthy' – but not because it fits the current trends – but because it's unique, authentic, and worth showing off.

The Easy 3-Step Process

You could relive your wedding day again and again.

01. Chat

02. Prep

03. Say 'I do'

I love meeting new people. When you get in touch with me via the contact form, I’ll set up a time for us to chat on the phone, click 100% with each other, and hash out all the beautiful details.

I’m going to send you a questionnaire and set up a storytelling strategy session about 4-6 weeks before your wedding. This way I can get to know you both a bit more, dive deeper into your story, and go over any questions you or I may have from your completed questionnaire.

While you commit your love, surrounded by your family and closest friends, I’ll be there to capture it so that you can relive it for many years to come.  


“I am so glad I found Matthew. Not only is he the friendliest person ever, but he is also extremely talented. Multiple people cried while watching our 1-minute instagram teaser video. Matthew is hard-working and thoughtful, and he made us feel special during the entire process. He openly communicates and spends time getting to know you and your preferences, which is probably why all of his videos are so intimate and special. It really is true when people say the day is a blur and goes by way too quickly. Thanks to Matthew, we were able to relive our day over and over.”

"We were able to relive our day over and over.”

– Lauren

“We cannot believe how amazing our elopement video turned out! Matthew captured the day so beautifully and showed how magical it really was! He portrayed our story so beautifully. He took the time to call us and get to know us so he could capture everything we are about on film. Since we chose to elope, we didn’t plan too much, but Matthew was there to help us plan as well! He helped us sort out all the little details of the park as well. He really made our day special and better than we ever could have imagined.”

"He portrayed our story so beautifully."

– Kennedy

“Working with Matthew was an awesome experience from start to finish. Even though he maintains a busy schedule, I still felt like we were his only clients. He was always available for calls, he checked in on us frequently via email, and he went above and beyond to help and calm our concerns. He was even able to live stream our wedding for all our remote family. Because of him, my 86 year old grandmother was able to watch me get married!” 

"my 86 year old grandmother was able to watch me get married!"

– Michelle 

Freebie? I got you, fam.

Insider Tips For Planning Your Intimate Wedding

Wanting to go intimate, but not sure where to start (or how to keep it that way?) This FREE downloadable pdf is jam-packed with my best tips from ‘behind-the-scenes.’ Inside is everything you need to know for keeping the focus on the two of you. Period. Regardless of what your Auntie says. Inside I share my exclusive tips on how to make sure your wedding stays intimate regardless of the guest count.