Your wedding Film will feel like you

because this is a film not just about your event, but about your unique and authentic story

Weaving in the past, present, and future in this unique way using old VHS footage dating back to the day Nazzar and Aya were born made this film one of the most personal and unique that has come together.

Wedding Spotlight

Indian and American Fusion Wedding

Hary and Shelby were married at Mae's Ridge in Johnson City, Texas. Hary's family is from India so being able to have elements of both Indian culture and American culture at their Mae's Ridge wedding was very important to this couple.

One thing that made this film unique was that I noticed that one of the bridesmaids was documenting the wedding with her camcorder so I was able to obtain the footage from her and implement those memories and perspective into this wedding film!

To Hary and Shelby, 
"This was such an incredible day! You wanted to feel sentimental watching your wedding film and I trust, pray, and hope that these 6 minutes and 31 seconds takes you back to that day." - Matthew Reid 

Spanish Wedding at a Greenhouse

André and Andrea were married at The Greenhouse at Driftwood in Driftwood Texas.. André is a man that always has a camera with him. Being able to see and use some of their footage from their relationship really added the touch of personalization that made their film amazing.

To André and Andrea, 
If I'm being completely honest, even though the weather started off as less than ideal, your wedding day ran so smoothly and was so amazing to witness! I love how you two love each other and I could see that through all the photos and footage that you've collected over the years. You two are incredible and I can't wait to see what you two build together in your marriage." - Matthew Reid

An Intimate Elopement

Daniel and Brittany eloped on Cross Mountain in Fredericksburg Texas. These two have an incredible story of perseverance and friendship that led up to this beautiful elopement. This day was full of revisiting locations from their relationship, a hike up the mountain with Brittany's dad on Facetime, and a visit to a street jeweler.

To Daniel and Brittany, 
"I am constantly speechless with you two. This is the day you wanted and it was absolutely incredible. I know nobody that matches the love that you two share AND you're Houston Sports fans! haha I am so blessed and honored to know you, spend your elopement day with you two, and to just be in the presence of you two. I know your marriage will be beautiful because the friendship and relationship that you've built so far already is." - Matthew Reid

They've Known Each Other Since Kindergarten

Hayden and Karlie were married at Wish Well House in Georgetown Texas. What I love about this wedding was how close their family and friends were with each other. They've known each other since kindergarten and have shared many laughs and memories since then.

They want their marriage to be about loving and serving one another, challenging each other to grow in relationship with Jesus, encouraging one another to engage with the people around them.

To Hayden and Karlie, 
"You two have an incredible way of exemplifying Christ's love. You have an incredible bong and an amazing story together. I am blessed to know you and be able to document this chapter in your lives. You inspire me as I know you inspire others." - Matthew Reid

Pre Ceremony Story Film

This isn't a wedding film per se but it is still a film that displays this couples story. Aaron and Lyndsey wanted a film to show their weddings guests before their ceremony. Over a few days, I interviewed both of their family to put something together that showcases who Aaron and Lyndsey are to set the tone for their wedding day.

To Aaron and Lyndsey,
"Your family loves you. I could end it at that but being able to see and hear it from them this way really grounds that feeling. Thank you for inviting me into a piece of your past and trusting me to put this important film together for your wedding day." –

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“I am so glad I found Matthew. Not only is he the friendliest person ever, but he is also extremely talented. Multiple people cried while watching our 1-minute instagram teaser video. Matthew is hard-working and thoughtful, and he made us feel special during the entire process. He openly communicates and spends time getting to know you and your preferences, which is probably why all of his videos are so intimate and special. It really is true when people say the day is a blur and goes by way too quickly. Thanks to Matthew, we were able to relive our day over and over.”

"We were able to relive our day over and over.”

– Lauren

“We cannot believe how amazing our elopement video turned out! Matthew captured the day so beautifully and showed how magical it really was! He portrayed our story so beautifully. He took the time to call us and get to know us so he could capture everything we are about on film. Since we chose to elope, we didn’t plan too much, but Matthew was there to help us plan as well! He helped us sort out all the little details of the park as well. He really made our day special and better than we ever could have imagined.”

"He portrayed our story so beautifully."

– Kennedy

“Working with Matthew was an awesome experience from start to finish. Even though he maintains a busy schedule, I still felt like we were his only clients. He was always available for calls, he checked in on us frequently via email, and he went above and beyond to help and calm our concerns. He was even able to live stream our wedding for all our remote family. Because of him, my 86 year old grandmother was able to watch me get married!” 

"my 86 year old grandmother was able to watch me get married!"

– Michelle 

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