Videographer | Podcaster | Minimalist 

My mission is always this: to leave such an impression on each person I serve so that their legacy and our culture are impacted in a positive way forever.

Meet Matthew Reid

I view videography as a chance to change the lives of everyone I come in contact with, and, perhaps, to change the world. My fingerprints are left upon our shared history, and just as every fingerprint is unique, so too are my films - each one as different as the story they portray. 

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Culture motivated me to pick up a camera; legacy kept it in my hands. 

Culture and Legacy: Why I Do What I Do 

How It All Began 

Videography Deeply Rooted in a Love for People

I was an overwhelmed 20-something-year-old, working a full-time job while in grad school when I realized my need for a creative outlet. I tried my hand at photography, but I quickly realized I enjoyed videography more. As a naturally analytical person, the coordination of light, sound, motion, and emotion together to portray a story attracted me more than still images. 

It was when I discovered a lack of diversity in the wedding industry that I decided I wanted to use videography to tell wedding stories. As my soon-to-be wife and I searched the websites of photographers and videographers, we struggled to find just one with people of color represented in their portfolios.

I knew we weren’t alone in needing to feel comfortable with our photographer and videographer, for us that meant trusting that they had the background knowledge necessary to make our skin tones pop beautifully. Ultimately, we wanted to be able to focus on enjoying our wedding day, trusting that it was being documented well.

There was a lack of representation, a lack of videographers with the knowledge (and perhaps willingness) to serve all people. There was a need, and I could help. As a result of this motivation, you’ll find my portfolio is as diverse as the people I serve. 

Because I entered this industry as a human first, videographer second, that will always be how I approach weddings. I’m not your average wedding videographer. I didn’t enter this industry because of my passion for cameras or even my love for creating art in motion. I did it because I love people.

I love and respect the real people who hire me to document their wedding day, and my goal is always to provide films that capture the two of you as your truest selves.

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My Loves + My Passions

Each wedding is never just another gig for me. 

On my plate and my heart... 


working a full-time job in public health


hosting the Culture and Legacy podcast


staying involved in my church


caring deeply about justice work, activism, and marginalized communities


loving my wife with every beat of my heart


crafting legacy-oriented films for couples one intimate wedding at a time

My approach to each wedding is as a fellow human being and true friend, celebrating and capturing your love story, instead of as a vendor simply working another job. 



Who I Serve

Elopement-inspired and Intimate Weddings of Every Size

Marriage is an intimate and beautiful gift from God. Often it’s such a blessing for me to witness and document couples committing themselves to each other that I come home newly inspired for my own marriage. 

As a videographer, I have attended many weddings and found myself drawn to the attitude, vibe, and focus of certain types of weddings. 

deeper meaning + increased focus on the marriage itself

Intimate Weddings are...

relaxed vibe + softened pressure of orchestrating a full event.



In these settings, I become more than a hired hand, a vendor, a commodity, who shows up, films, and leaves. In these intimate settings, I’ve found that my opinions are valued and creative freedom is offered without restrictions. 

Whether you want 5 or five hundred people there, my couples are the ones who want to focus on what really matters. The marriage itself. Here, I can bless couples with a film that will allow them to relive that beautiful day over and over again.

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The Matthew Reid Films Commitment

I promise to always...


KEEP IT 100 



Colossians 3:23-24

Luke 16:10 

Isaiah 43:7

Psalm 118:24 

I will show up for you on your wedding day as more than a vendor ‒ as a true friend invested in your marriage.

I will be upfront with you, selling only what is necessary and always telling you the truth.

I won’t be out here doing the most and drawing unnecessary attention to myself. I’m going to show up, deliver, and keep the focus on you because this is your day. 

I film a limited amount of weddings each year so that I can give you and your wedding the attention it deserves and truly share and enjoy this journey with you.

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Freebie? I got you, fam.

Insider Tips For Planning Your Intimate Wedding

Wanting to go intimate, but not sure where to start (or how to keep it that way?) This FREE downloadable pdf is jam-packed with my best tips from ‘behind-the-scenes.’ Inside is everything you need to know for keeping the focus on the two of you. Period. Regardless of what your Auntie says. Inside I share my exclusive tips on how to make sure your wedding stays intimate regardless of the guest count.